Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Kindle Fire Takes Number 1 Spot! The Fire 2 on its Way!

The Kindle Fire is an amazing tablet! You agree don't you? It really fulfills most of ones needs and is a pleasure to use. Though it is an entry level device it still packs a lot of features you can't get out of those quick start packages vendors are offering. The Kindle Fire 2 has some big shoes to fill and thus the creators are probably working very hard on it. The new device may be called the Inferno as we previously reported and while it is a nice thought, Amazon would make a much better move if they just stuck with the old name.

The Kindle Fire Takes Over the Android Tablet Market!

Great news for the fans! A recent report from the firm Ars technica has shown that the Amazon Kindle Fire had a total of 54% of shares of all the Android tablet sales as of the end of February.  Amazing isn't it? Here we are talking about a new model, yet the previous one seems to be in its prime! A terrific job by Amazon has been done in the way they are marketing the product. In fact, there was a recent sale where the Kindle was available and a stunning price of $139. Samsung and their Galaxy Tab family control only 15% of the market share which means that they can just weep in shame and watch as the Market burns in the Kindle's fire!

 Enough of the poetic sentences then, the only fires we want to see burning are the ones at Catcher Technology and Foxconn which will be held responsible for the production of the upcoming device.

The Growing Need for Smaller Tablets

 A major turn-off for people who are thinking whether or not they want to buy a tablet is their higher price as all models are quite large and thus cost most. The Kindle Fire was small and affordable and fitted well with the average user's needs. Another growing rumor is that the new product from Amazon will come in three different models which continue Amazon's policy on supplying smaller, affordable solutions to their users, but also a larger 10 or 8 inch model will be available!

 And while they try to get into the market with some bigger tablets as well, other competition such as Samsung and Apple how to figure out a way to get some good devices on the market that are light, small and affordable. Samsung has announced a much smaller version of the Galaxy Tab, while Apple is going for an iPad mini. Are they feeling the heat rising as the Inferno approaches? Sorry, no more puns!

 Be it as it may, the Kindle Fire 2 is approaching, but we still don't know when. Will Amazon use the Olympic games as a launch platform? We will see...

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