Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kindle Fire 2 Release Date

 News from Amazon are coming in slow, but that's one of the things I respect about them. Instead of starting off rumors and spreading false information that changes each week, they wait until they really have something important to share with us. Even though are blog was able to obtain some leaked photographs of the new Kindle Fire 2 on the leaked Kindle Fire 2 images page, there is no information how far in development the device is. So yes, the release date remains unknown...or does it? Perhaps we are closer to the release date then we may think. A recent poll on the popular website which thrives to bring the latest news on the Kindle Fire 2, shows that users are hopping for the device to be release in lat May. Sadly, we are in the middle of it, and no news have been posted yet, which leaves us with the hopes of summer release or perhaps a late holiday special for 2013. Either way, we hope it will be worth the wait, and here is the mentioned poll:
May no longer seems to be a valid option.

 The Buyer's Impulse, a Story of Amazon's Success

 Prices at $199 during the holiday season is what gave Kindle Fire its amazing start-up success. And let's be real, during the holiday season when we buy presents and gifts for special occasions, we are more likely to buy stuff for ourselves as well. It's like that feeling: Well, I bought my wife these silver earrings, I might as well treat myself to something as well. This is the buyer's impulse and the folks at Amazon know how to use it!
So when are some good times that our impulse is boiling up and they might release the Kindle Fire 2? Well, this is hard to say, but there are several times of the year when one might expect a major release.

 The Summer Olympic Games

  The Olympic Games of 2012 will take place in London from 27 July to 12 August and billions of people will be watching them. Amazon isn't the type of major sponsor you will be seeing on TV or on the billboards near the fields. Amazon is a major player online and I can already see huge banners on sport related sites that say: Watch the Olympic Games live on the new Kindle Fire 2!

And why not? It's quite a good idea actually and makes for great advertising. And of course, it may be called the Kindle Fire Inferno.

Christmas and New Year

 I think there is little need to discus this option as we have seen plenty of ways to exploit these holidays. While it is very possible that the Kindle Fire 2 may get a nice deal during this season, we refuse to accept that we will have to wait so long for the latest release. Perhaps Amazon will understand that they need to hurry up with their work and get this product out before Apple get their iPad Mini out this year.


  1. so when is this kindle fire ready to release so we can buy it . I can't wait any longer.

  2. I NEED it to come out. I'm gonna be in a car for 11 hours with my annoying siblings. I NEED SOMETHING TO ENTERTAIN ME!


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