Kindle Fire 2 Leaked Images

 The source of this information is a person from a Asia who, for obvious reasons, wishes to stay anonymous. While you should not take this information so lightly and easily this may very well be one of the first testing devices of the new Kindle Fire 2, or the Kindle Inferno as some believe it will be called. We will see if Amazon plans on making and complaint/requests for removal, but we doubt any reaction will follow. This is because most companies deal with rumors and leaked information by ignoring it publicly and then catching the source internally.

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 We hope our friend won't get into too much trouble! Here are the pictures (click on them to zoom):

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  1. if this is real i am so getting it

  2. CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This doesn't look nice it looks like a Motorola xoom. I its got to look nice


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