Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kindle Fire 2 or the Kindle Inferno?

 Amazon's Kindle started a real fire, but is the latest one going to be an raging, burning Inferno?! There is still quite some time to go until the official release of the new tablet, but we are still baffled by the name. Sure, we are used to calling it the Kindle Fire 2, but is that really the name? And another question is - does it even matter? We would also like to focus on the Amazon VS Apple battle with this latest research graph:
The new Kindle Fire will give iPad a run for its money...

 No matter the name the only thing we as buyers are interested in are the performance and the use of the tablet. That being said, I care about the Kindle Fire's latest specs more than anything. But the name does really leave a huge impact on those who are considering what to buy, doesn't it? Here are the two possibilities:
  • The Kindle Fire 2 -> reminds us of the reliable brand and thus it can get all the owners of the previous one to trade their device in for the newest one. The downside is that those who didn't like the previous one will (in most cases) not even consider this tablet. Another advantage for Amazon is that they don't have to spend money on the branding of a new product and that's always a good thing in this changing economy.
  • The Kindle Inferno -> loses the sound of the old 'Fire' brand and those who don't know it is actually the latest installment in the franchise may not give it much attention. On the other hand, the product will appeal to newer buyers as it will really look like a brand new, amazing device.
 I like the name 'Kindle Inferno' to be honest. If the last one was a fire, then by now that fire has really grown into an inferno of massive proportions. However, I also don't really care about the name as I have stated previously. Do you? Do names of devices sometime influence the way you think about them?

 Anyway, where did this whole name come from? Ah, of course, from an unknown source close to Amazon! Where do these insiders come from? Do they wear black suits and sunglasses when they carry their suitcase around with them? And could they tell us something more about the current version of the release date? It is sort of funny and I am not even taking the name seriously, but the subject of the Kindle's new name is really a good one and worth talking.

 Take the Samsung Galaxy series for example, the names go like this: S, S2 and now they will release S3. They made a very reputable and popular brand and that's a really good job. Amazon has something quite similar and there is really no need to change it. Then again, the competitor Apple is very strong on the market, and Amazon needs more attention. Are they going to come up with a new name to spark the marketing campaign? Possible, but not really needed...


  1. Kindle Fire Inferno is a "fit" for their larger tablet.


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