Thursday, 29 March 2012

Leaked Information on the Kindle Fire 2! 9 Inch Tablet With Full HD?!

 Have you had the chance to read up on the Kindle Fire 2 specs? While you shouldn't take them word for word, they actually give a pretty solid idea of the tablet in general. One interesting thing though is that the new Kindle Fire 2 will come in different sizes and have 3 or 4 different models. You can choose the one you like the best and prices will be different. Some people go for bigger is better, but some will prefer a regular 7 inch display screen.
 But there is something you will not get from your 7 inch Kindle Fire 2 and that is the amazing full HD feature that is really stunning! How does a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels sound? Amazing huh? We believe it will be really breath taking with a lot of color depth that we haven't see on too many tablet devices so far. The Kindle Fire 2 will not be such an entry level device ay? It will surpass the previous one and a lot of the owners of the old Kindle Fire will happily trade their old friend in for the newcomer!
We can't wait to see the new elegant design!

 Imagine watching movies and browsing pictures on that full HD Kindle Fire 2. Imagine that just for a moment and tell me it doesn't look great. This might seem link plain advertising, but have you used other tablets in the past? No tablet that was released so far will be able to compete with the Kindle Fire 2 display if it really is like the rumors say it is. But there are a few problems with the Fire 2....

Problem 1: Performance and Speed

 I love the Amazon kindles, but performance is a serious issue of theirs that they will have to fix very soon on the Kindle Fire 2 if they want to stay competitive. The fact is that Apple's products are faster and operate better when there are a lot of apps running.
With the Kindle  Fire you gotta be careful what apps you are using together and whether or not you left one app opened in the background. It is a really annoying thing and can ruin ones whole user experience.

Problem 2: Will it Stay Cheap?

 We already talked about the Kindle Fire 2 cost but we didn't mention one thing, and that was the cost of the previous kindle. You see it costs Amazon $220 to make a devices they are selling for $199. Why are they doing that? They are just losing money right? Yes, but in the long run, they are offering you a cheap, yet great product and you will surely buy it. However, you will also buy some of their apps or other hardware and you will certainly use the Amazon Kindle Fire to...visit Amazon! For the $21 they are losing per sale, they are making a couple of hundred bucks! Good trick ay?

 But because of Foxcomm the parts will be a bit more expensive and therefor we are afraid whether or not Amazon will be able to offer the Kindle Fire 2 for a smaller price...


  1. I don't like the fact that you have to go through a long process just to download apps. I have had mine since christmas and I still don't have anything. The only 2 things I find wrong with it is that it nedds a camera(my mom really didn't want to buy anything w/o a camera, but she did anyway) and I truly believe we should use itunes to get all of our apps because honestly, Amazon isn't working out so great at all.

    1. That is an unusual problem, but people have reported it before. Most of the time it isn't a problem related to the device though. Their support is quite good at handling these things, so try that. The new one will probably camera, but that is still unknown. I agree it is a big issue to a lot of people. Hopefully the new one will be a huge improvement! :)


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