Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Kindle Fire 2 Cost? The Analysis of the Kindel's Worth

 In the early winter of 2011 Amazon threw the Kindle Fire at us and took charge of the tablet market. Apple tablets and Android tablets did their best and had their fair share of the market, but Amazon really dominated for quite some time. However, the times are changing and so is technology and thus Amazon has to step up to the plate with the Kindle Fire 2.

Do We Need a New Kindle Fire?

 Maybe you don't need it now, but over some time you will probably want what your current kindle can't give you. After all the first Kindle Fire was considered an entry level device. Its current price is $199 so we can expect the new one will probably be a bit more expensive. However, if you look at the Kindle Fire 2 specs you can really understand why the tablet will be worth a higher price.
Kindle Fire 2 cost at $199? We wish!

 But just how much higher will this price be? The kindle is currently in production at Foxconn, the famous super tablet factory. The parts are coming from Catcher Technology and it is pretty clear that this device is really going to be top notch.

It will sport a bigger screen, possibly a 9 inch one, and a quad-core processor which makes it pretty obvious that this kindle is much more serious that the last one.

Estimated Kindle Fire 2 Cost

 Let me try to objective here and start of by saying that the Kindle Fire 2 cost will clearly not be $199 unless perhaps during a promotion or a launch event. Another thing to consider is that there will probably be several different models with a different screen size and display settings. We heard that there is going be a 9 inch model with full HD resolution! 

 With all that said, I will assume that a 7 inch Kindle Fire 2 will cost around $249, while its bigger brother will cost $299. Do you think the price is fair? What is your opinion?


  1. Cheaper is really what wins people over. One main huge reason I was considering and am planning to purchase the Kindle Fire over other tablets or ereaders (Nook Tablet) is the price. If they want just as big a success, they should keep the $200 price tag, since really most look for tablets under $200. Just my opinion. I think $250 should be max to keep their edge on the market.

    1. Agreed, anything over that is beyond the average budget most people have for buying gadgets such as tablets.

  2. I currently have a KF 1 and I would like to trade in for the 2. I'm just wondering if there will be a trading price for it. If there is, how much?


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