Thursday, 29 March 2012

Kindle Fire 2 Orders Have Leaked At Catcher Technology!

 As you probably know the Kindle Fire has been very influential on the tablet market for a long time. Some would say that at its peek, the kindle was dominating hands down. At one point we asked ourselves if anyone was planning to beat Amazon in order to take their spot and promote their own tablet.
Catcher Technology will supply the parts for Kindle Fire 2

 Of course you can expect as much from Apple who certainly gave it a shot with their iPad 3 this year. The heavy shot of rumors and blog posts around the web have been a great advertisement of their campaign. Amazon has to retaliate and keep itself in the tablet industry food chain but refuses to give false rumors and stories just for the media attention. You gotta respect that! But the Kindle Fire, and for that matter the Kindle Fire 2, will lose their spot on the market if Amazon doesn't react soon. And Apple isn't the only competition with so many Android tablets becoming immensely popular! So here a rumor that quickly became the truth and gave the Kindle Fire 2 some popularity.

Fresh From China: Catcher Technology Working on the Kindle Fire 2

 The famous tablet manufacturer from China Catcher Technology has given us these great news. Just what are the news?
Well the managers of Catcher have gotten their fire orders and will start production for the new Kindle Fire 2 as soon as possible. Are these perhaps the right specs for the Kindle Fire 2?
We want to hold the Kindle Fire 2 as well...

 Amazon and Catcher have gone over the agreements and all the terms and conditions for the partnership have been met. This means it is time to start working on the new Kindle Fire 2! So how good is this for the fans of Amazon's kindle? Pretty good actually, as Catcher is one of the finest and proudest names in Chinese engineering. They will be supplying Amazon with the chassis for their new kindle from their factory in Taizhou, China. 

Is Catcher Technology Ready for the Kindle Fire 2?

 The irony is that Catcher will also be working on the parts for Amazon's competition - Apple and the iPad! In order for them to be prepared for so many orders they have bought 15,000 CNC machines which will greatly increase the speed and production rate of their factory. We sure hope there will be no Apple fan-boys breaking into the factory and sabotaging the parts!

 Will the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 come on time to compete on the tablet market? The race is on! Keep updated with the latest Kindle Fire 2 news!

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