Monday, 21 May 2012

Kindle Fire 2 Avilable for Christhmas! Shocking Release Date!

 While it is still a sad and disappointing rumor, we hope that it is not true! The Kindle Fire 2 will be released for Christmas when the buyer's impulse is boiling up as we discussed previously. These latest news come from a report by Reuters and they seem rather truthful.We though that the factories in Foxconn are working full power mass producing the new kindle, but it seems Amazon had other plans from the beginning. Oh? And what are these plans? A brand new tablet for the summer that will serve as placeholder for the Fire 2 and help fight against the new iPad Mini that is coming to town.

The Kindle Ice?


 Isn't it an interesting new name for a kindle? It is the summer season that the tablet is aimed for and the name has great marketing potential. I don't know about you, but it would probably make me chuckle a bit and actually get me to go online and read the specs and see the hot deals cool off as the Kindle Ice freezes them. Yes, that was a poor pun, but it is hard to resist with such a name. But where did this big idea of the Kindle Ice even come from?

 Have you ever heard of the guy Jeffrey Casserino, from New York? Yeah, me neither, and he isn't so important anyway. The deal with Mr Casserino is that he began buying some unusual domain names some of which had kindle ice included in them. Amazon either threatened to sue him or bought the domain fair and square as they now have ownership of all of them. No mater, the point is that they wouldn't have gone through all that trouble if they didn't need those names, correct? Yes, that pretty much it the whole story, and quite honestly I don't buy it. 

 It is rather far fetched and damn right stupid. I even did some research and this happened in October 2011. This means somebody dug up an old story and tried to make it headline news in the tech world. Perhaps Amazon is trying to start a rumor treadmill for the Kindle Fire 2, but they lack the experience Samsung has demonstrated for their Galaxy S3 phone. 

 Just remember not to expect the Kindle Fire 2 any time soon.

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