Monday, 27 August 2012

Kindle Fire 2 VS the new Nook Tablet?

 While we wait for the 6th of September for the Amazon press conference to see what the Kindle Fire 2 might be like and when it will be in sale let us see what the other companies are up to. Lets us start with Barnes & Noble and their latest rumored tablet device. We already told you that Barnes & Noble are opening their digital bookstore in the UK but it is unknown when their eReaders will be available. Amazon on the other hand will beat them to the UK market by making their kindles available there much sooner. The Nook tablet is also seriously outdated and Barnes & Noble probably feels the heat rising each day..  Perhaps the fact that they are in Amazon's shadow all the time is what is forcing them to leak the news of the new Nook tablet which is meant to rival the Kindle Fire 2. So what is this new Nook tablet supposed to be like?

  Well as you might expect there isn't a lot of information available about this new Nook tablet but even when analyzing the information that was leaked it seems that Amazon wins the Kindle Fire 2 vs the new Nook tablet battle. We are told by CNET that Barnes & Noble will be releasing an affordable tablet this September or early October which will compete with the Kindle Fire 2, Nexus 7 and the rumored iPad Mini. This device is said to be slimmer but have much better parts bellow the hood that the previous device. Like the Kindle Fire 2 it will run on a custom version of Android and perhaps come in several sizes with the 7 inch model being the focus of interest at the moment.

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 Meanwhile Apple is busy with their legal law suits and trying to ban Samsung from the USA (most of their phones and tablets that is). Apple won the legal law suit in the USA and Samsung was ordered to pay over 1 billion dollars to compensate for the damages. Apple will try to increase this fine to as much as 3 billion dollars and also make the court issue a ban on some of Samsung's devices which contain the stolen patents. Samsung on the other hand can also have their own say in the matter and they might be even able to win a new trial because of the mistakes and the controversial statements made by the members of the jury who only took three days to reach a decisions in one the largest legal cases of this nature in the past decades. It is a good thing that Amazon does their own thing and doesn't have problems like Samsung. The Kindle Fire 2 could profit nicely from this legal argument if it lasts long enough.

 Still, things are going great for Apple and extra money will surely come in handy for the production and advertising costs of their upcoming iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini which is rumored to come in October. Let us hope the Kindle Fire 2 will be selling like crazy by the time Apple even starts selling their new low-end tablet!

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