Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kindle Fire 2 & Amazon need to step it up!

 So here's the story of the Kindle Fire 2 and Amazon's downfall in a nutshell: the competition is restless and really working on dishing out some great competitive tablets and eReaders while Amazon isn't giving us any updates on the Kindle Fire 2 release date nor the specs and features of the device.

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 In the last article we published we saw a report from earlier this year that showed Amazon was ranked at number 3 in the tablet with 4.2% of market share due to the huge success of the first Kindle Fire. However, this device is quickly being outdated by the rising number of impressive and affordable tablets. At first we feared the Google Nexus 7 would be the kindle killer but now there are other candidates for this role as well. The Kindle Fire 2 needs to put Amazon back into the game and make them more dangerous than ever!

Is the Nook a threat to Amazon?

 In terms of their eReaders I would say that Barnes & Noble isn't a company that can overtake Amazon at number 3 nor are they such a big threat in the USA. However, just today Barnes & Noble announced that they will be making their eReaders and a digital bookstore available in the UK. Amazon is trying to do the same and their recent agreement with Waterstones, a leading book retailer, shows that they are certainly making a good effort. This move will finally bring the Kindle Fire to the UK as well as the other kindles (even the Kindle Fire 2).

 It will take some time before the Nook tablets are on sale in the UK and if Amazon can launch the Kindle Fire 2 in September in the US and in the UK then they would certainly deal a heavy punch to Barnes & Noble and possibly win the race for the European marketplace against them.

 Does the iPad Mini exist?

  We got some criticism from our reader about speculating that the iPad Mini may be a big problem for the Kindle Fire 2. I respect and value each opinion you guys and girls are posting, however, I would not forget about this rumored device folks! A report from DigiTimes and the follow-up from Pop Herald suggest that there will indeed be an iPad Mini and that it will hit the stores very hard. This will be a 7.85 inch tablet that will be very affordable for Apple's usual standards and we can expect it to hit the stores by October or November. This is another reason for the Kindle Fire 2 to hurry up with its release, though Amazon is perhaps waiting till the holiday season.

To sum it up: hurry up Amazon!


  1. any updated news on a release date?

  2. I agree... past time for some news from Amazon.

  3. I would really like to hear something...anything from Amazon. If even just a confirmation that KF2 is really near. I am seriously looking at getting a Nexus 7 after a long wait for KF2. Come on Amazon, help us out here.


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