Friday, 17 August 2012

Kindle Fire 2 to take on Samsung’s and Google’s best?

 At first the whole kindle thing was just about a lightweight and affordable tablets for reading, but today the Kindle Fire 2 device faces a challenge that will be the first of its kind for Amazon. With the Kindle Fire 2 release date hanging about in the near future many are wondering what Amazon hopes to accomplish. Will they try and sell as many models as possible for a low price in order to earn from digital products and services or will they be making a rumored 10inch model to take on Apple and their iPad series. I would like to think that it is one of their goals to establish themselves as a quality tablet manufacturer and worthy opponent to Samsung and Apple.

  A report from Seattle PI featured a recent poll that showed the top five tablet in the second quarter of 2012. The results? Not so shocking as Apple was ranked on the first place and it had 17 million of its iPads sold and shipped worldwide. This was actually 70% of the market share! As expected we had Samsung Electronics Co. second with just 10% of market share, or in other words 2.3 million units shipped. So where’s Amazon and the Kindle Fire? Well, Amazon’s tablet was at 3rd place with about 1 million units shipped which is 4.2% of the market share. Not bad right? I mean this all started as a simple eReader and now the Kindle Fire is a very popular tablet and it was Amazon’s first shop at a tablet as well. The Kindle Fire 2 will, however, have big shoes to fill.

  The task of making a powerful tablet and getting more of the market share will not be easy for Amazon. Their Kindle Fire 2 needs to be ready for the latest Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab, the rumored iPad Mini and not to mention Google Nexus 7 and the rumored Microsoft tablets. Taking number 2 will not be easy, however, the recent legal lawsuit Apple filled against Samsung may benefit the Kindle Fire 2 as Sammy might lose a few valuable pennies.

 Most however agree that Amazon will not have trouble staying in their number three spot as the top tablet manufacturers behind them are AsusTek at number 4 and Barnes & Noble Inc. at number 5. Personally I am very much considering going for an Asus Transformer or the Google Nexus 7 which will pretty soon show just how much market share it was able to steal away from its competition.

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  1. Amen, I used to own a Kindle Fire until someone stole it. Now I am tablet-less and own a Thunderbolt 4G smartphone that is holding me off until I can get a tablet.

    I have been patiently waiting so long for the Kindle Fire 2. I heard about the Nexus 7 being one of the best tablet's out there and I am so tempted to purchase it but I have a side of me that is telling me to wait for the Kindle Fire 2 because I want to see how good it is. However all this waiting and no confirmed news by Amazon is killing me and other customers, I really want to purchase a tablet now since I have the cash on me now but hearing all these rumors of the Kindle Fire 2 isn't helping me. Amazon needs to at least confirm something or else I may just give up on the Kindle Fire 2 and just purchase a Nexus 7. I believe I am not the only person that this is happening to, I believe all these rumors are actually harming Amazon more. Amazon needs to realize this and start giving us some news that will allow us to want to wait to purchase the Kindle Fire 2, otherwise they will lose a customer/s.


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