Monday, 9 July 2012

Kindle Fire 2 to feature a model with 4G LTE support?

 There are a lot of Kindle Fire 2 rumors out there and this is something you already probably noticed. Yet we try to actively go through them looking for truth and important details. So far we have concluded that the device must feature a metal casing, a "sophisticated look" and a new battery due to Amazon changing the battery supplier. You can expect to see the casual physical volume button included on the new device which is something people have embraced with joy. 

There will be several models, but for now we can only say that the first 7 inch model will have a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels with ppi of 216. As for the other models there are several rumors. One of those that I trust the most is the tale of the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire 2 tablet which will feature a 1920 x 1200 pixel display but won't be launched by August and will remain in development in order to compete for the higher end market along with Apple.

 Since Google Nexus 7 has support only for Wi-Fi it seems that Amazon will try to hit it over here and get a new trump card by including a 4G LTD feature into its Kindle Fire 2 device. Why do I say "a new trump card", does that mean there are more? Well, they are not official but they are rumored. First of all there is the camera issue as the Kindle Fire 2 might feature a back and front camera while the Nexus 7 only has a 1.2 front MP camera for chat. The second trump card is the offer of digital content as you can buy a lot more things from Amazon than on Google Play. Either way, the battle will take continue to rage on until everything settles down and we can make an objective comparison of which tablet is better. 

Are we forgetting about Apple?


 Getting lost in the rumors and all of this Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire 2 nonsense lead us a bit away from something important. Apple did announced they plan to get into the 7 inch tablet market with a device called the iPad Mini. This device would apparently also be in the $199 price range or somewhere near it. 

Is Apple going to enter the $199 market as well?
 Something tells me that this device might sell a lot better than most Android tablets on the market in the similar price range. A lot of people think they need to have an Apple product, even though they can't afford it. This would be an ideal solution for them to cure such a complex and get their hands on a device that will probably be nothing special or worth the attention it will be getting. It is a standard Apple strategy and the analysis I've done so far is that the market share might be looking like this Kindle Fire 2 > iPad Mini > Nexus 7. Then I remembered I can't exclude Samsung and their products, but a lot of other companies as well. Still, other companies can't really sell the tablets that good, considering that only Amazon, Google and Apple have digital stores that are very rich in multimedia content and they plan to make lots of money from it.

What ever happens, know that I will certainly keep you guys and girls posted!


  1. "Apple did announced they plan to get into the 7 inch tablet market with a device called the iPad Mini." This is pure speculation at this point and is all over the web in the rumor mills only. Nowhere has Apple ever officially stated that they were going to enter the 7" arena. Do you have an official source for this statement? I would like to see it because I would like to see Apple do this since there is obviously a market for it based on the success of the Kindle Fire. But let's not be putting words in someone's mouth if they have not officially announced it yet.

    1. The news about the device "iPad Mini" was reported by the Wall Street Journal, Tech Radar, t3 and CNET and it is stated as a rumor. However, the fact that Apple is interested in the lower-end market is no secret and their staff said this without announcing any dates or models. An Apple event is expected somewhere around October to announce the release date for the iPhone 5 and perhaps show what Apple is working on for the lower-end.

      Thanks for commenting and cheers!


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