Sunday, 8 July 2012

Kindle Fire 2 to feature a camera?

 Now this is a bit of shocker for most of my readers (or at least I assume so) since most of the visitors stated in the comments that they don't expect the Kindle Fire 2 to dish out a camera at all! To be fair, it is still a rumor, but there might be something more to it than that. AllThingsD posted an article citing a credible source close to Amazon that we can indeed expect a camera to be featured on the back of the device. 

 As for the optical specification of the camera we have no information but it is possible that Amazon might opt to make both a back and front camera for the new device in order to have a trump card over the Google Nexus 7, which may I remind you only features a 1.2 MP camera on the front. Though I must say this is still great for Skype and Google + chat services and if the Kindle Fire 2 could deliver at least a front camera I would be very pleased. In my opinion the back camera isn't really needed on tablet devices, but people who think it is might choose the Kindle Fire 2 over the Nexus 7 in case the kindle really does feature a 5 MP camera on the back.

Our old leaked photo shows a camera on the back...

Kindle Fire 2 Screen Size and Resolution

 It seems that Amazon has contacted the developers who create apps for the Amazon Appstore instructing them to continue their hard work but optimize it for a 1280 x 800 screen resolution which the Kindle Fire 2 is meant to feature. Also you can see the Nexus 7 sporting this size, a long with a few others. The screen ratio is meant to be 1.6 which means the device won't be a as tall and narrow as the old Kindle Fire. Pixels per inch are thus at 216 which isn't bad at all as it makes the new device 29% greater than the first one when it comes to pixel density. These refreshing changes should have no effect on the battery size or life as it is getting upgraded anyway. Along with these latest news our list of rumors and Kindle Fire 2 specs is getting quite big I must say!

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