Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kindle Fire 2 coming next week or bust! Gizmondo bets $110 that it will be out next week!

 We expected an event on the 7th of August that would serve as a platform for the Kindle Fire 2 as it was announced but nothing happened. I understand a lot of people are disappointed, and to be honest so am I. Right now I am looking over the Asus Transformer and considering getting it instead. However, I found an interesting deal yesterday and I can see that the major bogs are drooling all over it! What I saw was a deal of the day on Amazon which featured a massive discounts on the 10-inch Kindle DX reader (from $379 to $269) and various kindle accessories. The time of shipping of Kindle Touch also increased from 8 to 9 days showing that it is going out of stock.

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kindle fire 2 release date
Proof of the offer on Amazon. The offer expired, but a lot of people took the chance!

 Observing these moves from Amazon we can conclude that they are finally clearing their stock to make room for the Kindle Fire 2 (we covered this strategy in this article by the way). When a company does this they clean up their stock and launch a new product, will this be the case too? Even though the Kindle Fire 2 release date that was predicted for 7th of August which now seems like a bad rumor or a joke, we can still expect the Kindle Fire 2 this month.

  Some people are confident that the Kindle Fire 2 will come out next week, so confident that they bet the world $110! I am talking about the daring author from Gizmondo who wrote the article $110 Says all the new Kindles are coming next week .

 Also, Business Insider reports: Amazon was originally expected to announce its new Kindle lineup in July, but now it looks like we'll find everything out as soon as next week. [source]

 As soon as next week you say? That isn't so bad, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you! I was planning to buy a new tablet next week so I will wait out a bit to see if the Kindle Fire 2 will actually come out. We waited it our this long, why not wait a bit longer?


  1. It had better come out next week....-__-

  2. Looks like it ain't mking it this week either.

  3. It seems as if amazon has a secret and doesn't want to share it so people will still buy their other products that don't have a camera or anything


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