Monday, 25 June 2012

Amazon Clearing Stock and Preparing for the Kindle Fire 2 (Release Date Near!)

 It seems the day has finally come for Amazon to clear its stock and make room for the Kindle Fire 2. While some of the last report were not so optimistic when it comes to the Kindle Fire 2 release date, we are now more convinced it will be anywhere near August to October, and not around Christmas like it was speculated in the past. Let us see what the latest news on the wire are, shall we?

 The Kindle Fire 2 is rumored to start shipping for the USA in August and Amazon should be dropping the price on the Kindle Fire by $50 to clear its inventory and make way for the new tablet. Thus, Amazon is planning to take the first kindle and dominate the lower-end, entry level market share, while the Kindle Fire 2 will dominate the higher-end users. Amazon decided to be more proactive and speed up the process of getting the new kindle on the marker since their competitors - Samsung and Apple, have some dirty tricks of their own. As you know the Galaxy Tab is one of the dominant tablets on the market, while Apple has announced the iPad Mini to try and get into the lower-end. But we already talked about this in the article right? So what's changed since then?

Europeans Might be Getting the new Kindle Fire 2?

Amazon is increasing their efforts in Europe and not to long ago the official Amazon Appstore was launched there. The headquarters in London are going to get renovated and expanded and the rumor is that Amazon is planning to become very active on the European market and offer their tablets there. While shipping costs may make the tablets a bit more expensive, countries such as the UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, France etc. shouldn't have a problem since their citizens have a high paycheck and good standards.

Factories will soon start shipping the Kindle Fire 2

 Analyst experts speculate that the future price drop of the first Kindle Fire could be followed by great offers in the Appstore in order to draw people to buy more and more from Amazon. Even though some of the price will look silly, you know how it works and Amazon does too and the end of the day they will be making a lot of profit.

Quanta Computers Announced August as the Release Date


 This story is yet to be instigated and is something we will talk about a bit more in the future. Right now it sounds very legitimate. While Catcher Technology is responsible for some of the parts, Quanta is doing the assembly of the Kindle Fire 2, as it has done with the previous generation. The CEO didn't say anything about the specs or the sizes of the models but has notated that manufacturing should start in July and be finished somewhere near August so it can be shipped to the USA in the rime for the release. That's some great news!

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