Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Kindle Fire 2 Release Date in July/August

 Not too long ago we told how Amazon was clearing inventory to make way for the new kindle. Reputable sites such as CNet and DigitTimes have confirmed our sources claims! The Kindle Fire 2 Release Date is certain going to be set for late July or early August. Amazon can easily release their second generation Kindle Fire four months before the anniversary of their first golden child. It is a bit strange to think that the release date is so close, yet there is so little we actually know about the new Kindle Fire 2. We did tell you about the Kindle Fire 2 specs but even that is just a rumor.

 Today CNet quoted “a credible source” who is claiming that Amazon will be holding a launch event for the Kindle Fire 2 on July 31. Thus the Kindle Fire 2 release date is probably in August, since I doubt anyone is going to buy it at the launch event. This information matches up with DigiTimes as well as our own. And the story we reported yesterday about Amazon clearing stock by lowering the Kindle Fire's price by $50 seems to also be correct and preparations are under way!

Apple's iPad not Ready for the Kindle Fire 2?


 It goes without saying that Apple is a powerful force on the market and you can be sure they will remain as such for a long time to come. To Kindle Fire VS iPad battle has been going on for quite a while, and even Amazon dished out quite a good list of reasons why the kindle is better. Once the price on the Kindle Fire drops by another $50 sales are bound to go crazy! Will anyone even remember the iPad during this great sale? Probably yes, but they will be in minority.
Just because it is bigger, it doesn't means it's better!
 So what about the Kindle Fire 2 vs the iPad 3 battle? If Apple's iPad Mini is an answer to the rising threat of  the Kindle Fire as the most successful lower-end tablet, the the iPad 3 has task of eliminating the Kindle Fire 2's dominance, right? Yet, how can we talk about the Kindle Fire 2 vs the iPad 3 battle when Apple keeps so much hidden and apparently just plays catch-up by waiting till they see what others come up with and then making their own stuff.


  1. I think you need to worry less about iPad and more about the Nexus 7。

    1. I agree big time... you should really watch out with what Google will bring out...

  2. The 10 inch Tablet will be called the kindle fire inferno.......

  3. Correction.........The 10 inch tablet will be called
    the Kindle Fire XL...............

  4. Is this all true. Because my kindle fire is having lots of battery problems

    1. There is no definite evidance all of it is true. You can expect that the Kindle Fire 2 will indeed come on August the 7th and feature a HD display, a new and faster OS, metal casing and a battery from a new supplier which is bound to be better.

  5. Amazon/MarkMonitor has the domain name KindleXl.com up for
    sale with Sedo, so we know now that KindleFireXl dot com will
    be passed. So what will be the new name?

    No one knows at this point, however I doubt it will be KindleFire 2 because the latest rumor suggests there will
    be three new "Fire" models.


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