Sunday, 2 September 2012

Kindle Fire 2 leaks and rumors update! Is there an Ad-bases Kindle Fire 2 in the making?

 As you recall we mentioned that Amazon is holding a special Amazon press conference on September the 6th and everybody is hoping that we will be seeing the new Kindle Fire 2 getting presented for the first time. Other than that Amazon might show off couple of other affordable eReaders which are said to arrive this September or early October. So what has changed since this report? Are there any new leads on the issue at hand and have we finally learned something more about the Kindle Fire 2?

 Unfortunately the official answer would be no, but there have been a number of credible reports from sites such as CNET and The Verge which shed some light on what the Kindle Fire 2 might be like. First of all here is an image posted by The Verge which might be the new Kindle Fire 2, however, it might be just one of the others tablets and eReaders that Amazon is making. The Verge states that this is a 100% authentic photo leak from Amazon and that it is just not known what device it is, although everyone is speculating it is the Kindle Fire 2. Here is the image:

kindle fire 2 leaked

  A Cheaper Kindle Fire 2 with Ads?

  Rumors are also saying that we can expect a Kindle Fire 2 device with enabled ads to be listed for sale. This type of device would be around $50 cheaper than a none-ads version and it wouldn't be the first of its kind for Amazon. Some of Amazon's eReaders sold like crazy thanks to this method and you can be sure that Amazon made a lot of money from the purchases those ads generated.

 But how much will the original Kindle Fire 2 cost without those ads? Some are saying it will take the first generation's place and go on sale for $199 while others are saying that $249 is a more reasonable price if the device plans to feature a quad-core processor and a camera. Rumors of course are different from article to article but it seem that most are now agreeing that there will be no 10 inch Kindle Fire 2 tablet device. However, there will probably be a 7 inch low-end model and a 8.9 inch higher-end model.

 September the sixth is just around the corner so let us wait until then to see what Amazon has to show us!


  1. Personnaly I can't wait. I got kindle fire and i'm pleased. its a good device that brings joy. i'm sure kindle fire 2 will be even better. i saw a great price here and thats the best thing about the kindle - it has such a fair price

  2. Here comes the Kindle Ice...............

  3. And the Kindle Air.............

  4. Just tonight there was an Amazon commercial during "So You Think You Can Dance?" I am almost positive that it showed the New KF2 in a 7" and 10". Did anyone else see this?

  5. Who the hell cares about ads in the new Kindle Fire? :)


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