Friday, 24 August 2012

Kindle Fire 2 release date in September! Amazon Press Conference on the 6th of September to announce it!

 Just as the Amazon employees told me that a Kindle Fire 2 isn't even supposed to be made (link) Amazon decides to invite the media to a press conference without announcing what it is about. As TechRader reports the conference will be held on the 6th of September in an airport hanger in Santa Monica, Calif. It seems Amazon wants their words to "echo" loudly in there (pun intended)!

 Amazon did not say much in their invitation to the press, all they revealed is "Please join us for an Amazon Press Conference."

 The release of the Kindle Fire 2 couldn't have come sooner as the competition is really heating things up! For example, on the 29th of August Samsung will present the Galaxy Note 2 (a 5.5 inch phone that is dubbed a "phablet") and along with that promote the new set of Galaxy Tab Android tablets. Another example is Apple and their special event on the 12th of September to unveil the iPhone 5 and rumor has it that they will also show off the iPad Mini, another competitor device for the Kindle Fire 2. Along with this the Google Nexus 7 is still selling very well and Asus is also reporting a booming sales result for their Transformer pads. As you can see the market is rather dynamic!

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 We already told you what specs you can realistically expect from the Kindle Fire 2 but the online rumors have changed a bit since then. People seemed to be more focused on the rumored 10 inch tablet which is supposed to be more similar to Apple products that the previous Kindle Fire or any other Android tablets currently on the market. Perhaps a mixture of everything that is good out there and Amazon's special touch will be enough to create a great, competitive tablet to storm the market? Let's hope so!

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  1. Could it be a "Kindle Air"?? The same day the
    anouncement was issued, Amazon updated the domain
    Kindle Air until 8-7-14...........

    Announcement to be made in a "air"port hangar.

    Stay tuned.....................................


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