Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Kindle Fire 2 Rumor Round-up (Long Story Short!)

 Ah, the latest rumors of the new Amazon Kindle Fire 2 launch which has unofficially been scheduled for July 31st, 2012 are quickly taking over the blog-sphere. Perhaps it is only Samsung and Apple who can do a better job at starting a whole line of debates across the Internet community when it comes to their upcoming products.

 The words throughout the street would be that Amazon already provided us the Kindle Fire 2 release date penciled in on July 31st. Is this a true release date or is Amazon trying to rain on Google Nexus 7 tablet's parade? However, credible business insiders are telling us, with a lot of self-assurance, that the upgraded 7-inch Amazon will not be the only new kindle we will see this year. Are these the rumored Coyote and Hollywood tablet we talked about in the previous article? I for one, actually don't like the idea, as a 8.9 inch tablet is as large as I would be willing to buy. What about you, my dear readers? Well, in any case, read on!

Kindle Fire 2 Has Big Shoes to Fill!

 While the initial Kindle Fire had been incredibly prospering and did its job in jump-starting the reasonably priced tablet PC marketplace very well within its very own right, critics were lower than convinced that its synthetic plastic casing was actually as much as par. Therefore, a drastically improved spec sheet and full metal casing is likely to be what is needed to see the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 take the top of the market!

 While many talk of it as a possible iPad killer, the main competition will probably be the Google Nexus 7 which is already threatening the first kindel's rule over the low-end market. We already talked on the topic of the Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire 2 and won't waste more time disusing it. The conclusion remains that the Nexus 7 has busted the old kindle, but the new one may possibly retake the throne due to improved specs and better offers when it comes to the content from the Amazon stores and libraries (books, movies, music etc).

Watch out for the Google Nexus 7 Amazon!

The Rumor List

 The Kindle Fire 2 release date stays a mystery and you can see the change log of rumors that we kept track of here which shows the many versions of the story. So when will the new Kindle Fire 2 be out? Well, it is expected to be revealed on July 31st which means it will probably be on sale during August. So far our posts did a good job of guessing what will happen. Observe:
  1. First we announced that Amazon might be dropping the price of the first model which seemed like a logical move and common tactic.
  2. Then we also announced they will not just the drop by $50 but clear inventory to make room for the new device.
  3. Finally the unofficial Kindle Fire 2 release date was posted!
 But what will the Kindle Fire 2 bring? Will it be a good tablet? Here a few thoughts:
  • The new kindle's specs are just up for show and there isn't too many information yet.
  • There will be several models, including a 9 inch model with full HD. The Hollywood tablet is still just a rumor.
  • The device will feature a metal case body.
  • New details also say that the device will have two physical volume keys and a camera.
So that's really all that we have for now. If you have any news of your own drop a comment down bellow!


  1. i wanna buy a kindle fire but i'm waiting to see what the new kindle have to offer. i just want camera infront so i can video chat.

  2. I personally dont care about a bigger size, I like the small, yet big size of the KF. Dont make us wait longer for a bigger tablet if thats whats making it take so long!!! The camara amd volume buttons are very essential, and the metal casing sounds nice and a little harder to break, but i like the size the way it is


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