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Star Wars Episode 7 - What You Ned to Know So Far!

It might be time to pick-up your Kindle and rewatch the original Star Wars trilogy because a new set of movies is coming soon. Namely, we can expect Star Wars: Episode VII to hit theaters right on December 18, 2015. In all honesty we can all agree that this is still quite some time away from today. Nonetheless, it is certainly good news that all Star Wars fans can rejoice to.

Today’s article will be dedicated to analyzing recent reports from the unofficial Star Wars 7 news blog and looking at just how good their info really is. While it is obviously too early to talk details about the movie there is a lot of gossip, hear-say and rumors flooding the entire Net and we’re here to shed some light on the situation. We’ll talk a bit about the rumors and then show you the leaked photo of the awesome new X-Wing design.
Star Wars 7 need to know

In a Galaxy Not So Far Away and Only 30 Years into the Future

If you haven’t heard by mow J.J. Abrams is directing the movie and he’s casted Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill to replay their original roles. Now, since they haven’t exactly got any younger over past few decades since we last saw them on the big screen, you can expect that that means that the story will take place roughly 30 years from where Episode VI left off.
This is of course not been confirmed by Lucasfim (or rather, Disney) but we can be fairly sure that this information is at the very least quite logical and to be expected.

So, do we have a synopsis? Not really and your guess is as good as mine. However, we can pretty much assume that one of these two options has happened:

  1. The Rebels have used the momentum from their victory in Episode VI and have likely completely defeated the evil Empire and established a New Republic.
  2. Or, the Empire still exists, along with a New Republic. They might still be at war, or they have some sort of non-aggression pact or temporary peace treaty.

It is extremely difficult to guess anything related to the new movie because Disney has decided to throw the Expanded Universe out the window. This means that many years of work that were invested into establishing a strong story have gone to waste and you won’t see them on the big screen any time soon.

The First Rumored Title “Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear”

One of the earliest titles to be “leaked” for the new movie is “The Ancient Fear” and it came with an interesting synopsis. However, I have to say that it sounds a bit cliché and we’ve seen this already in other Sci-Fi movies. The idea is that Luke Skywalker will rebuild the Jedi Order and one day set off on a mission with some of his young Jedi disciples to explore some old ruins. The idea is that they are searching for some sort of weapon that they need to secure before the enemy can get its hands on it.

The problem is that this weapon is not anything physical – but rather a Force Ghost of an ancient Sith warlord who became immortal in the Force. The idea is that they will awaken his spirit and that the Force Ghost might possess one of Luke’s students and come back into the world of the living.

This in pair with an upcoming war with the remnants of the Empire makes for a hell of a seating, but as mentioned before I do find it rather disappointing and cliché. Of course, there is no reason to believe this is actually true!

A Leaked Photo of the X-Wing

The Star Wars 7 news site that we mentioned at the top of the article posted a series of interesting leaked photos that show the new X-Wing models. The photos are legit and they were taken from the official Star Wars set in Greenham Common, an abandoned military air base that was refitted for the purposes of this movie.

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