Monday, 17 September 2012

Kindle Fire HD Cases - Top 3 Design Choices

 Before we get on with the Kindle Fire HD Cases analysis, I would like to say that the past week we have been busy comparing and reviewing the Kindle Fire HD with all of its serious competition. The results of our review you can find in the following articles:
 But let us take the time today to talk about a different subject that may interest those who already bought their Kindle Fire HD or are planning on getting one and are just searching for some nice accessories. Surely we all need a nice Kindle Fire HD Case to go along with our device and choosing the one is always a matter of personal taste. I would like to single out the following three Kindle Fire HD cases and soon I will tell you why.

The Onyx Black Kindle Fire HD 7" Case


 This is an official Amazon accessory and it seems to be selling great! I had a look at some of the images online that users have posted and I must agree that this Kindle Fire HD Case does look great. You know what they say about black - it is simple, elegant and stylish while remaining young and playful. I quite like this case and I might get it with my Kindle Fire HD 8.9" (there is a version for this size as well). What do you think about it?

 You can have a better look here.




Verso Prologue Antique Case for the Kindle Fire HD 7"


Verso Prologue Antique Case for the Kindle Fire HD 7

 This case is probably the one that I will be ordering, though I am still looking for someone to post some sample photos of it to see a bit closer how it looks like. It looks like a very elegant leather case to me with a distinctive vintage style to it. Have a look here and judge for yourself!








 Warware Axis leather case for the Kindle Fire HD 7" in pink

Kindle Fire HD Cases pink

 This is a certified accessory for the Kindle Fire HD and this particular model is only meant for the 7 inch Kindle Fire due to its size. The product is aimed at the ladies due to its distinctive pink color, but there are similar versions on Amazon with a different color choice that you can find of course. You can have a look here and find the one that you like the best.

 At $44,99 you can't find a better replacement especially since this case is made out of leather and comes with a few features of its own - such as the cute hand-strap.

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  1. Good post. Such cases and covers are what I was looking for. Good post. I will grab some of those :)


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