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Kindle Fire HD 7 inch vs Nexus 7 + hands-on vide of the KF HD

 Are you excited about the new Kindle Fire HD tablet Amazon introduced recently? Between you and me I find it that the 8.9 inch model of the Kindle Fire HD just isn't worth the money, but the 7 inch $199 might just be better than we originally thought. While its processor does not measure with the Google Nexus 7 and the device does lack that powerful full Android OS, it is still a formidable tablet at a very low cost that will certainly be skyrocketing in its sales this year. 

 Bellow is the video of a very short hands-on view of the Kindle Fire HD 7" model that was done by Liam Spradlin of, a respected Android news blog and portal. In his written review he claims that the Kindle Fire HD felt great in his hands and made a fine impression. The device felt like it was premium quality which isn't something other tablets in this price range have. But apart from the comfortable, luxury design and feeling, was the Kindle Fire HD any good? Let us find out how it compares to the Google Nexus 7 and which of the two is the better choice!

This photo of the Kindle Fire HD is from

 In terms of its design and display quality the review thinks that this device is better than the Nexus 7. The reason behind it is that the Kindle Fire HD seemed more professional, was made out of better material and has a significantly better display, especially when it comes to glare and color depth. Still, both devices have a good display that most users won't be able to tell apart and design is always a subjective issue, so this doesn't tell us much other than Liam's personal opinion.

 However, the real twister here is that Amazon has stated that its 7 inch tablet has a battery life of 11 hours, which if true is one major thing to consider when buying a tablet in this price range as no other $199 tablet can really put up that type of performance. In terms of storage space, the Kindle Fire HD comes as either a 16 GB ($199) or a 32 GB ($249) model while the Nexus 7 has a 8GB model for $199 and a 16 GB model for $249. While  this isn't exactly a revolutionary thing to consider in this comparison, you have to give the Kindle Fire HD the recognition for this at least.

The video:

 Another thing to give the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet the upper hand over the Nexus 7 is the dual band WiFi antenna which is far superior to the Nexus 7. If we used a bad hotspot connection to compare the two there is no doubt that Amazon's tablet would be far better. The Fire HD also has dual speakers which put the Nexus 7 to shame and it is apparent that the KF HD is the better tablet for watching rich video content or playing games.

 On the other hand you have to give the Nexus 7 and its quad-core Tegra 3 processor the upper hand since Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet has a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor which certainly isn't the best one out there.

 In terms of software you will also hear people praise the Nexus 7 as it gets a constant stream of Android updates directly when they come out. The Kindle Fire HD runs a forked version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Looking at all the features being offered it seems that the Nexus 7 is a more serious tablet when it comes to modification and is more targeted to the tech savvy, while the Kindle Fire HD tries to be fun and be available for all ages. It even has parent control which you can use to limit your child the amount of the time he or she spends playing games and such.

 There are a lot more things to cover in the debate of the Kindle Fire HD vs the Nexus 7, but let us just stop while we are here. Why? Well, it just seems a bit pointless now. You see, Amazon didn't make a tablet that sells good hardware specs or a smooth open source Android OS. They made a tablet for those who use Amazon so they can use it even more and in a better and more fun way. The Nexus 7 is really about spreading the good word about Android and is more of an all-around tablet.

 The question of which you should buy seems to have little to do with the tablets themselves but more with your own personal taste and needs. If you have a need for the Kindle Fire HD, then you will no doubt recognize that need right away and buy the tablet. It is as simple as that. 

 So, do you want the Kindle Fire HD?

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  1. The Kindle Fire HD is not better than the Nexus 7, their target users are different:
    The Nexus 7 for the tech savy
    The Kindle Fire HD for those who do not care much about raw speed and smoothness


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