Sunday, 22 July 2012

Kindle Fire 2 in Trouble Already? Nexus 7 Dominating!

 I love the kindles, I really do and the Kindle Fire 2 just seems like a great new addition to that family. However, I am in doubt - is it worth it? Google’s Nexus 7 is doing a "killing" in sales and it does look as though as Google is finally on the verge of success in this market. This Android Jelly Bean OS tablet has been sold out in many stores across the USA and the UK and things were pretty tight for Google to respond to all the preorders. The tide of battle in the Kindle Fire 2 vs Google Nexus 7 war seems to be in Google's favor at the moment as Amazon has no doubt already lost a lot of potential clients simply due to the fact the Nexus 7 released a great tablet earlier than them.
Interesting fact: ZDNet reported that at least 7 major stores have ran out the Nexus 7 tablet already, but its not the $199 8GB version that is selling like crazy, but the bigger version with 16GB that costs $249. Does this means all that people really want is storage space and that a Kindle Fire 2 with all the specs of a Nexus 7, a 16 GB memory and an SD Card at the price of $199 could blow away the competition? I think it is logical to say yest to that and you'd be a fool to get a Nexus 7 over such a device to be honest. But can Amazon really deliver something like that? I am not so sure.

It shouldn't be "199?", but "199!"  :)

 To add to the last paragraph, I'd like to remind you of our article on what the Kindle Fire 2 needs to feature if Amazon really wants to beat the Nexus 7, but also be competitive to Samsung and Apple products. To save you the long read and to tie that to this article, we can narrow down it down to this:
  • It will need a minimum of 8 GB of storage, but a model with 16 GB as well.
  • Micro SD Card support seems as a must now.
  • A higher screen resolution (a 7 inch 1280 x 800 Kindle Fire 2 is expected which would be just enough).
  • Better processor - it needs something to compete with the Tegra 3 on the Nexus 7!
  • Faster OS - the Nexus 7 was the first device to run on the smooth Jelly Bean OS, Amazon needs a better forked version of Android if they want to stay competitive. Even so, Google has a problem as their OS needs to be good with all devices, while Amazon has to make their OS optimum just for the Kindle Fire 2, thus it shouldn't be that easy. Right Amazon?
  • Although not very important, the Kindle Fire 2 could feature a camera that could actually turn the tide into their favor.
A word of advice if you decide to go for a Nexus 7 and throw away the old kindles - you can still download the Amazon Appstore and enjoy the ebooks and mp3s that you have purchases previously. It could be said that this is another advantage for the Nexus 7. However, it is also possible to install Google Play on a kindle, although it is very difficult for most users which could be considered as another advantage for the Nexus 7.


  1. You fail to see that storage isn't the only thing driving people to the Nexus 7. Amazon's parsed Android app store is never going to have all the options of Google's Nexus 7 with the full-blown Android OS.

    Right out of the box, the Kindle Fire can't compete on apps or functionality.

  2. The Kindle Fire can't, the Kindle Fire 2 will :P

  3. needs text to speech for me to upgrade.Dont know why this isnt on all kindles since Amazon offers in on most of their ebooks.

  4. You are forgetting Amazon Prime users and the benefits of that.


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