Monday, 29 April 2013

Star Wars Episode 7 Plot Ideas

 Star Wars Episode 7 will be created by Disney and will hit theaters in 2015. After that, Disney hopes to publish episode VIII in 2016 and episode XIX in 2017. One must wonder if Disney has started this project just for financial gain or if there is an actual motive to continue a great series. Either way so far things are going well and fans seem satisfied.

 The storyline of the new movie is still unknown, but allow us to make some assumptions. First of all, we are expecting to see the Sith back in full force. Namely, the new movie will take place 20 to 40 years from where Episode VI left off. This means that the Lost Tribe of the Sith which is talked about it many books should make an appearance. What is this tribe?

 Well, the name does suggest things rather accurately. This is a group of Sith warriors who have been lost for over 20,000 years on an unknown planet. They have enslaved the local population and create a civilization of their own. These Sith however lack technology and an army to actually return to known space, but this might change in Star Wars Episode VII. This is because the Sith masters will sense Luke Skywalker through the Force and seek to eradicate him and destroy the new Republic.

 Now that the Republic is weak and the Jedi are still young, it is a perfect chance for the Sith to try and rule the galaxy once more. Of course, this is just a prediction, but it is based on valid facts as the Lost Tribe is mentioned many times in the expanding universe and their leaders will try to assassinate Luke Skywalker. Aside from this the expanded universe also suggests that some formal officers and admirals who served the Empire have survived the war and are looking for revenge. 

 There is a large pool of ideas already available thanks to the expanded universe and the producers will have to keep this in mind since their new movie shouldn't go against what is currently being written the expanded universe. This makes things rather difficult, but it also means that a lot of work has been done already and someone needs to glue all the pieces together.

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