Saturday, 12 January 2013

Alcatel Tab7 HD vs Kindle Fire HD 7" - Early Review

 Not a lot of people in the USA have heard of Alcatel as this a brand mostly popular in Europe and Asia. They aren't the type that produces the best quality you have ever seen, but some of their device are quite popular as they are inexpensive and provide solid specs and good quality. The Alcatel Tab7 HD (sometimes also called the Alcatel One Touch Tab7 HD) has been announced for 2013 and we are here to give an early review and comparison with the Kindle Fire HD 7". While this little Kindle Fire HD vs Alcatel Tab7 HD review will not be a fair battle since we haven't really seen the device in action yet, it should give all of you who are interested into these two models a good idea of which you should be saving your money for. Please note that this device is also
Early photo of the Alcatel Tab7 HD from CES

The Display

 Both devices have a similar display with the same resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Also, both of these tablets use a IPD TFT capacitive technology. This category would be a draw, however there are still two things to consider. The first is that the Kindle Fire HD has multi-touch and supports up to 10 fingers at once which does make it a winner in my book when it comes to the display itself. However, the second thing is that we are yet to see the quality of the Alcatel Tab 7 HD's display so let us not call anything yet.

The Hardware and the OS

 This is obviously very important for any comparison, but trust me this will not be the deal breaker when it comes to the Alcatel Tab7 vs Kindle Fire HD. Benchmarks show that the Tab7 has a faster processor, but it doesn't really win by a lot even though its has 1.6 GHz clock speed compared to the Kindle's 1.2 GHz. 

 Both of these devices have 1 GB of RAM and as far as internal memory goes the KF has a small advantage. Namely, it sports a 16 and 32 GB model, while the Tab7 has 8 GB of internal memory. However, the Alcatel One Touch Tab 7 also has support for a microSD card. Amazon's tablet can only counter this with the free Amazon cloud storage that their users can get.

 The Tab 7 does beat the Kindle Fire HD 7" when it comes to the camera since the Tab 7 features both a front (2MP) and rear VGA camera. The KF HD only has a rear 1.3 MP shooter.

 In terms of the OS, both devices obviously run on Android and Alcatel will have Android Jelly Bean on their device. Amazon currently has a forked version of the Ice Cream Sandwich which works quite well on this device, especially with the latest bug fixes and updates that Amazon has released.

The Price

 Now this is where we might get a deal breaker! The Kindle Fire HD normally costs around $199, but the Alcatel Tab7 is set to cost around $129 once the device is released. That a great price for the level of quality you will be getting! I have owned several inexpensive Alcatel products and I am impressed with the job that this company has done. When it comes to the tablets alone I would go for the Tab7 hand's down, but we both know it is not that easy. The fact is that we don't just buy the Kindle Fire for the tablet itself, we buy if, for better of for worse, because we use Amazon so much and love all the features that we get out of it.

 No matter what your choice is going to be, think it through carefully. Have a great day!

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