Wednesday, 2 January 2013

$50 discount off Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ for Amazon Student members with Prime

 We hope you had fun during your celebration of the New Year and now that the holidays have come and gone you probably feel as if all the good offers have vanished all of a sudden. But fear not, for Amazon cares for their users no matter what season it is! If you are in the market for a new tablet or e-reader then you should make great use of this new offers as  you can get the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" thanks to a great back-to-school type of deal from Amazon HQ. The e-commerce giant is offers a great 50$ discount for Amazon Student members who have an active Prime account. If you meet this criteria then long into your Amazon account and navigate yourself to the offers page! You will need to use the special promo code which we have included in bold in our third paragraph! There's a little scavenger hunt fro you by the way! :)
$50 discount off Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ for Amazon Student members with Prime
Browse through the amazing Kindle Fire HD 8.9" specs if you are unsure

 The $50 discount only applies to the Kindle Fire HD WiFi models (which will cost you $249 instead of $299) and the LTE model ($449 instead of $499). As explained the opening paragraph, you will need to have an Amazon Student membership along with an active Prime account which costs only $39 annually after a six-month trial period. Actually, Prime status costs a lot more ($79 annually) but students get this sweet deal as well! You can really tell that the good folks at Amazon value education  and understand that students aren't really loaded with cash so this will certainly make their lives a lot easier!
 All you got to do is use the promo code KNDL4STU and you can avail yourself of this discount as long as you meet the requirements. Now, how long will this offer last you ask? Well, you can use the code through January 30, 2013 which certainly gives you a lot of time to decide whether or not you wish to get your hands on this brilliant Kindle Fire HD device.

 Please keep this in mind though:
  • The code will be usable at least 24 hours after activating your Prime account. 
  • The promo can only be redeemed once per customer, so better decide now if you want to avail more than just one unit. 
  • You should still be prepared to invest $15 to opt out of advertising on any of these devices.

With the $50 you save off on this great deal you can look into getting some nice new cases or accessories for your new Kindle Fire HD 8.9"! Keep updated with us via RSS if you want to be in touch with some great hot news and tips about the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and other related Kindle devices! 

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  1. $50.00 is a joke, look what you going thur just to get it. NO HELP.


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