Monday, 8 October 2012

Kindle Fire Paperwhite Review

 Amazon’s Kindle family has got another member – Kindle Paperwhite. This device continues the tradition of Amazon’s great Kindle devices. The device comes in two versions : the version with only Wi-Fi ($119) and the 3G-equipped version ($179). The Kindle Paperwhite can safely be called the world's most advanced eReader and Amazon has taken the liberty of doing just that! Let us see what makes this device to s special, shall we?


 From a design standpoint, Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t differ a lot from predecessors. Compared to Kindle Touch, it is thinner and its display is less sunken into the plastic surrounding. The device is pretty comfortable in hand - its weight is 0.47 pounds and it has the size of an average book. It only comes in black color. It does not have headphone jack and does not provide any audio out. Also, you don’t get an adapter for charging with it, so you have to buy one, use one that you already own or charge it by plugging it into your PC.

 From a display standpoint, it has the E Ink, 6-inch screen. The entire display is front lit with a blue light. It also has higher resolution than previous models, and therefore images and text are clearer. Pixel density is 212 ppi.
 Kindle Paperwhite has got a new OS which is much different than OS on past devices. When Paperwhite is woken, you have to swipe across the display to resume your session. Display contains your recently read items, recommended items beneath them and general menu on the top of the display. You can move between pages with swipes and taps, or highlight sections with long presses. There is also X-ray functionality, web and Wikipedia search and translation in many languages. And, fortunately, it has a great non-removable battery, which can last a week without charging, even if it is used a lot.

 As for other specifications - it has a Micro USB port and it supports Wi-Fi. Internal storage is 2 GB, without possibility of expanding it. It supports PDF and DOC files. All in all, Paperwhite is one of the best readers out there, maybe even the best one. The greatest advantage it has is Amazon’s ecosystem – the vast library. It rarely happens that you don’t find the book that you are searching for there.

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