Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kindle Fire 2 Looking More Promising: Game Circle Announced !

 Reading on the comments around the web, people have noted that Amazon has great content to offer to their users when it comes to music, movies and even books. However, the content concerning apps and games is a bit limited. You can consider the latest feature - Amazon Game Circe, to be something that will sort this problem out and attract more developers. Essentially, this is a special API that will allow developers to easily implement achievements, badges, leaderboards and options to save your game progress on a Amazon cloud server. The last is especially great because it allows you to safe your game progress to your account and then if you switch your device you can just start from whee you last stopped playing.

 While many will say that his Amazon Game Circle is just a copy of Apple's Game Center, I don't really see the importance of that. The two systems work for two totally different devices devices and will each have their own special features. What concerns me is the release of this feature which corresponds the the approach Kindle Fire 2 release date which is obviously something they are probably keeping in mind. Is this another way to get users to buy the new device? I am almost certain that is! And we might be seeing more goodies like this these days. Here is the promotion video that Amazon made.

 Do you like what you see? While nothing special it is certainly a useful feature, especially the option to save my games files on a cloud. From what I recall Google and Android don't have something like that right? Boom, another trump card over the Nexus 7! I wonder if this move will actually attract more developers, because if it does then the argument that the Amazon App Store has little content will be void and that will certainly increase the sales of the Kindle Fire 2 device, and all future tablets.

 What is your opinion? Shout it out in the comments bellow!

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